Mombao is a duo composed by Damon Arabsolgar (Iran/Italy/Germany, lead singer of up-and-coming indie band Pashmak) on a synthesizer and Anselmo Luisi (Italy/Slovenia, percussionist of several well known projects as Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica) at the drums.
They mix heavy rhythms and big soundscapes, jumping from electronica to jazz using just two instruments, and freely and spontaneously playing everything live onstage.
Their try is to create a music that can be trans-territorial and trans-genre and not attached to a particular period of time. Their performances, with the stage in the center of the room, surrounded by the people, are something in between a primordial mystic ritual and a western rock concert in which the crowd passes from dancing foolishly to deep listening.
After having toured extensively around Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Morocco (also joining forces with Abdellah Boulkhair El Gourd while on their Moroccan tour), they are now touring Europe.







Macao – Milano, Italy
28.9.17 Baradise – Milano, Italy
27.10.17 Round Midnight,Trieste, Italy.
28.10.17 Sarajevo, Bosnia
1.11.17 Prishtina, Kosovo
2.11.17 Novi Pazar, Serbia
4.11.17 Pula, Croatia
17.1.18 Mare Culturale Urbano – Milano, Italy
Circolo Vizioso – Milano, Italy
18.1.18 Meknes, Morocco
21.1.18 Kenitra, Morocco
23.1.18 Agadir, Morocco
24.1.18 Marrakesh, Morocco
27.1.18 Tangier, Morocco
4.5.18 Circolo Libero Pensiero, Lecco, Italy
12.5.18 Stazione Rogers, Trieste, Italy
13.5.18 Spazio Nadir, Vicenza, Italy
2.6.18 Corte dei Miracoli, Milano, Italy
14.7.18 Sottovoce, Varese, Italy
19.7.18 Porto Vecchio, Trieste, Italy
4.10.18 Piano Terra, Milano, Italy
11.10.18 Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany
13.10.18 Culture Container, Berlin, Germany
24.1.19 AtelierSi, Bologna, Italy
30.1.19 Lume, Milano, Italy
14.2.19 Loft, Trieste, Italy
16.2.19 Casa Punto Croce, Venice, Italy
17.2.19 Spazio Nadir, Vicenza, Italy
7.3.19 Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany
8.3.19 Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig, Germany
9.3.19 Secret Place, Berlin, Germany
29.6.19 Vicenza, Italy
17.7.19 Il Solito Festival, Ferrara, Italy
18.10.19 Milan, Germi, Italy
24.10.19 Trieste, Round Midnight, Italy
26.10.19 Iprove, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
27.10.19 Spazio Nadir, Vicenza, Italy
29.11.19 Jazz Club, Ferrara, Italy