Mombao is a duo formed by Damon Arabsolgar and Anselmo Luisi.
It is an immersive and original project, halfway between a performance and a concert: the two performers mix original songs in different languages with folk songs from different cultures rearranged with an electronic-rock taste.
The performance takes place in the center of the room, with the two musicians covered in clay and body paint, surrounded by the audience.
The popular root of the project allows Mombao to have a transterritorial nature and an impact on different cultures.
The resulting performance is a mystical techno/punk ritual in which the audience is engaged and dragged to go from a state of great concentration and listening to a liberating dance. 

Mombao is solarpunk.




“Darkness, a circle of people, two sonic epicenters. Damon cuts the silence with a sharp voice, Anselmo doubles it and starts beating the drums, to which a hypnotic synth line is added. All around, no one can stay still. After having heard them, something happens inside each listener; unconsciously you understand that what you witnessed was a real musical experience, far from the concerts we are used to, where we observe the musicians from a distance.”
Paolo Cerruto

“Because this is a Mombao live show, much more and at the same time something very different from a “simple” concert. “An experience” would say those good at marketing.”



Macao – Milano, Italy
28.9.17 Baradise – Milano, Italy
27.10.17 Round Midnight,Trieste, Italy.
28.10.17 Sarajevo, Bosnia
1.11.17 Prishtina, Kosovo
2.11.17 Novi Pazar, Serbia
4.11.17 Pula, Croatia
17.1.18 Mare Culturale Urbano – Milano, Italy
Circolo Vizioso – Milano, Italy
18.1.18 Meknes, Morocco
21.1.18 Kenitra, Morocco
23.1.18 Agadir, Morocco
24.1.18 Marrakesh, Morocco
27.1.18 Tangier, Morocco
4.5.18 Circolo Libero Pensiero, Lecco, Italy
12.5.18 Stazione Rogers, Trieste, Italy
13.5.18 Spazio Nadir, Vicenza, Italy
2.6.18 Corte dei Miracoli, Milano, Italy
14.7.18 Sottovoce, Varese, Italy
19.7.18 Porto Vecchio, Trieste, Italy
4.10.18 Piano Terra, Milano, Italy
11.10.18 Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany
13.10.18 Culture Container, Berlin, Germany
24.1.19 AtelierSi, Bologna, Italy
30.1.19 Lume, Milano, Italy
14.2.19 Loft, Trieste, Italy
16.2.19 Casa Punto Croce, Venice, Italy
17.2.19 Spazio Nadir, Vicenza, Italy
7.3.19 Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany
8.3.19 Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig, Germany
9.3.19 Secret Place, Berlin, Germany
22.3.2020 Meta FOrte, Venice, Italy
29.6.19 Campo Marzo Festival, Vicenza, Italy
17.7.19 Il Solito Festival, Ferrara, Italy
18.10.19 Milan, Germi, Italy
24.10.19 Trieste, Round Midnight, Italy
26.10.19 Improve, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
27.10.19 Spazio Nadir, Vicenza, Italy
4.11.19 JazzMi, Milano, Italy
29.11.19 Jazz Club, Ferrara, Italy
17.01.2020 Laboratorio Isola, Bologna, Italy
18.01.2020 Titty Twister, Firenze, Italy
22.02.2020 Circolo Quadro, Cittadella, Italy
7.3.2020 Biko, Milano, Italy
18.03.2020 Sherwood Open, Padova, Italy
26.03.2020 Sofar Sounds – Kathmandu, Nepal
27.03.2020 Basecamp music festival – Lalitpur, Nepal
28.03.2020 Echoes in the Valley, Kirtipur, Nepal
30.03.2020 The Piano Man, Gurugram, India
31.03.2020 The Piano Man, Safdarjung, India
2.04.2020 House Concert, Dehli, India
4.4.2020 The Little Door, Mumbai, India
5.4.2020 House Concert, Mumbai, India
31.05.2020 MIAMI Festival, Segrate, Italy
1.8.2020 Floating Castle Festival, Sneznik, Slovenia
2.8.2020 Vicenza, Italy
3.8.2020 Neutopica, Seghe di Velo d’Astico, Italy
30.8.2020 Osteria al Castello, Chiuppano, Italy
22.5.2021 Arcellabella, Padova, Italy
19.6.2021 Spazio Scuderia, San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Italy
20.6.2021 Circolo Dev, Bologna, Italy
25.6.2021 IUAV, Venezia, Italy
26.6.2021 Twiza fest Milano Mediterranea. Italy
21.7.2021 Farout Fest, BASE, Milano Italy
30.7.2021 ISS! Fest, Ruvo di Puglia, Italy
31.7.2021 Rame Festival, Melissa, Italy
28.8.2021 Fluviale Fest, Spazio Hydro, Biella, Italy
15.10.21 Argo16, Mestre, Italy
16.10.21 Je t’aime, Padova, Italy
29.8.2021 UASC Fest, Corigliano d’Otranto, Italy
15.11.21 Osteria del Fico, Cremona, Italy
27.11.21 Altromondo Studios, Rimini, Italy
11.12.21 Casa Ceretti, Verbania, Italy
16.12.21 Magnolia, Milano, Italy
17.12.21 Astro Club, Pordenone, Italy
07.01.22 Casa Riese, Riese Pio X, TV, Italy
23.01.22 Trieste Film Festival, Trieste, Italy
28.4.22 Circolo DEV, Bologna, Italy
29.04.22 Arcellabella, Padova, Italy
30.04.22 Magazzino sul Po, Torino, Italy
24.06.22 Atella Sound Circus, Caserta, Italy
1.7.22 Porto Vecchio, Padova, Italy
8.7.22 Simposio, Borca di Cadore, Italy
29.7.22 Senza tempo, Fano, Italy
30.7.22 SEI Festival, Lecce, Italy
12.8.22 Seeds Festival, Riese Pio X
19.8.22 Brindisi performing art festival, Brindisi, Italy
14.4.23 Scintille, Bologna, Italy
20.4.23 Magazzino sul Po, Torino, Italy
21.4.23 NUL, Milano, Italy
22.4.23 Corte dei Miracoli, Siena, Italy
29.4.23 Tumiturbi, Varese, Italy
2.6.23 Fornaci Estate, Vicenza, Italy
3.4.23 Alberodonte, Brescia, Italy
30.6.23 ZAC, Ivrea, Italy
1.7.23 MAGA, Gallarate, Italy
2.7.23 BOEM, Bogliasco, Italy
12.7.23 Trieste loves Jazz, Trieste, Italy
26.8.23 T(h)reesound Festival, Pordenone, Italy



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